Friday, May 18, 2012

A Tomato Good Enough for Elizabeth Warren

All this talk about Cherokee blood and heritage reminded me to look at my tomato plants.  Why you ask? Well, read a few paragraphs.

A friend and gardening enthusiast brought me a tomato plant earlier this spring. A research student who is a tenant of his, gave him several seedlings he had produced for a school project. So my friend shared his good fortune with me.

When he brought it over, the variety name escaped him. He promised to talk to his tenant and get the information and call me. But, he was quick to tell me that he was told it was a very special variety.

When a friend gives you a plant, you plant it. If for no other reason than you know he is coming back to check on it. After a few weeks he learned what variety it was from the student and passed along the variety name and some cultivation information. 

As it grew and flowered most of the early blooms fell off before setting a single tomato, so I was not very excited about this plant. As it matured, blooms started to hold and tomatoes set nicely. And, like I knew he would, my friend came by to check it out. Surprisingly, he said my plant looked better than the two he planted. That shocked me. Gardeners usually lie more than fisherman.

So you might be wondering, why is this article about tomatoes and what is interesting and relevant to all this Native American and Cherokee talk lately? As it turned out, the variety of this particular tomato is Cherokee Purple, an heirloom variety.

This has got to be the variety Elizabeth Warren uses in her Pow Wow Chow recipes? Maybe with a little mayo on the side?

 Here are some pictures taken earlier today.  And yes, they do have a little purple tint.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Shooting Decoys Is Tougher Than This

Black duck hunting decoy by Cigar Daisey of Ch...
Black duck hunting decoy by Cigar Daisey of Chincoteague Island, . This decoy was made from cork circa 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Did Elizabeth Warren Plagiarize Her 'Pow Wow Chow' Recipes?

Wow, not Pow Wow, or Pow Wow Chow, just wow.

I wrote recently at this link about how easy Elizabeth Warren was making it for her critics and opponents. Kind of like shooting ducks on a pond. But this is getting too close.

The problem with shooting ducks at such close range is that often times the targeted fowl are blown to smithereens. We don't want that to happen. This is too much fun. Shoot the decoys instead. 

Could this highly educated and experienced woman be as shallow as this whole "I am a Native American" fiasco has exposed her to be? If so, she has nobody to blame but herself. From enhancing her resume to this possible plagiarizing incident, each wound has been self-inflicted.

Rest assured if she were a Republican candidate, there would be a huge throng of the liberal press gathering to gnaw the gristle off of her freshly picked bones. They would be asking questions like, "Did she commit a felony by misrepresenting her heritage to gain employment advantage?" and "Can she be trusted, after all it appears that she plagiarized submissions to a book?". Just a couple off the top of my head.

There seems to be no graceful escape for her from this mess. It would be smart for the Democrats to talk her into dropping out of this race to allow a less disgraced candidate to compete in the fall against Senator Scott Brown.

 Anyone need a great decoy recipe?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facts Dripping Out About "Born In Kenya" pamphlet

Faucet dripping water.
Faucet dripping water. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
‘Born in Kenya': Obama's literary agent misidentified his birthplace in 1991 - ABC News

The explanation being offered for the Kenyan birth reference is explained here:

Miriam Goderich edited the text of the bio; she is now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.
"This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me--an agency assistant at the time," Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. "There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."

Let's think this through. Dystel and Goderich was engaged by Barack Obama as his literary agent. Obama was writing a book they intended to promote and were preparing materials to do so. Part of the promotional material for the book is a biography of the author.

It seems reasonable that the author would provide the agency with biographical data for the summary. And clients generally review these bios in draft form for accuracy. Miriam Goderich says she made edits to his biography and "misidentified" his place of birth as Kenya. This "clerical error" stayed in print and on their website unchallenged until 2007.

But, as more information drips out, it looks like this same error happened more often than just this single incident. Maybe Dystel and Goderich could just release all the original documentation and extinguish this firestorm. 

There seems to be intrigue everywhere in President Obama's biography, regardless of where you believe he was born. This is far from over.

From listening to several of the Breitbart writers on the radio, it sounded like they have additional information that will be released as they deem most effective.

The real grist in this story may end up being less about where Barack Obama was born, and more about where he represented himself being born as a young man and more importantly, why? 

Drip, drip, drip.

Be Cool Everybody;Don't Mention Kenya 'Round Here

Strother Martin
Strother Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

Whoa Nellie! Stop the presses! Call Drudge! Call Breitbart!

Everybody stay cool, cool like Luke.

What we have here is a failure (not) to communicate.

And by failure not to communicate, I mean everybody hush; hide everything. Remember how we did this last time?

Don't make any references to Indonesia or Kenya. Got it? Now about Auntie Zeituni, that could be an old  Cherokee family name, right?  She has high cheek bones. And Uncle Omar. Onyango, doesn't that sound Irish?  Think Hawaii people, the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Aloha.

And while we are battening down the hatches, check and make sure those grades don't jump out and scare somebody. And finally, don't forget to call the Reverend and make sure he is feeling appreciated. You know how he gets.

Got it.  Boss, if you need us for anything else we'll be over here shakin' the bushes.

Sen. Schumer Has It Bass Ackwards!

A Jail Cell at the National Museum of Crime & ...
Senators to Unveil the ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ to Respond to Facebook’s Saverin’s Tax ‘Scheme’ - ABC News

A place where people are prevented from leaving of their own free will is generally referred to as a prison, or a dictatorship. The complete lack of understanding and appreciate for the freedoms our Founders created for us is what separates the democrats from the republicans. Don't fence me in!

So, the senate democrats are all upset because one very wealthy young man has decided to move to Singapore and give up his U.S. citizenship to save a gazillion dollars in taxes. The democrats led by Sen. Schumer propose to tax citizens who choose to abandon their citizenship and leave this great land. Just 30% of your worth, no big deal.

This a perfect example of how far democrats have wandered from the values of our founders. As a matter of fact, they have it exactly bass ackwards. 

Here is a more fair and equitable idea to consider for raising new revenues. First, charge a substantially large fee to anyone wishing to immigrate into the US. We have enough citizens. Call it an entry fee. That law could be called the Entry Fee Act.

Then impose a fine on those who are here illegally. Generally, we impose fines on persons who break rules, regulations and laws, not those abiding by the rules of society. We can call it the Non-Citizen Fee Act.

The United States has always been the place that people from all over the world have risked their lives and fortunes to enter. Let's keep it that way. 

Princess Pants on Fire, Professor Pow Wow Chow, Chief Hole Digger, etc...

Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29, 2010, a...
‘Pow Wow’ factor: Elizabeth Warren touted native roots in ’84 cookbook -

This is like shooting ducks on a pond. Elizabeth Warren is way too quick to speak and much too slow to think to be an effective Senator.  Oh, I forgot about Joe Biden, sorry. But, "effective" eliminates him. Anyhow, you have to admit she is great fodder.

Talk about shovel ready. She even signed her recipes "Elizabeth Warren - Cherokee". Never has a politician been faster to dig a path to Hades than Elizabeth Warren.  If the Energy Department Gods would let us drill for oil, Exxon would probably swoop her up and put her to work.

There must be a secret handshake that Democrats perform in a ceremony while swearing to never back-track, admit an error or lie after "misspeaking". Isn't what the Dems are now calling the telling and retelling of things which are proven to be less than truthful.

Have you noticed how quiet Scott Brown has been lately? Completely out of the news. Well played Senator. Never interrupt your opponent's self-flagellation.

Equally as intriguing in this debacle is how apparently easy it is to become a minority for career advancement purposes in institutions of higher learning. Just check the box. Almost as easy as voting illegally.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Betcha Nebraska - Deb Fischer is the Winner

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC du...
Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Brown Bear
Palin Effect: Fischer Wins Nebraska Primary

Grizzly attacks on humans are rare, usually devastating and sadly, often critical. Most bear attacks are provoked when a sow grizzly senses a threat to her cubs. A Mama Grizzly attack on a political race is much less violent, often equally critical, and always more fun to watch.

Such an attack occurred several weeks ago in Nebraska. The results stunned the old guard Republicans last night. Deb Fischer won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate against two well-respected and successful state officials. Did you hear the roars?

Deb Fischer won because the real Mama Grizzly, Sarah Palin, endorsed and supported her in the Republican primary. It was late in the race when Palin jumped in to enthusiastically back this very dark horse. It only took two weeks. Amazing. Very few people of influence would put their reputations on the line and take this level of risk to support a relatively unknown candidate running in third place late in a race. But Sarah did. With Mama Grizzly determination. Animal instinct.

The Republican establishment backed her opponents Attorney General Jon Bruning and State Treasurer Don Stenberg, the Tea  Party Candidate. Both are good men, solid conservatives with excellent reputations. They just didn't have the "it" factor to excite the electorate. It takes vision to recognize weakness as well as strength in candidates. Sarah has that vision.

In the fall, Deb Fischer will face Greenwich Village resident, true American hero and former U.S. Senator, Democrat Bob Kerrey. Kerrey was dragged out of New York into this race when Democrat Senator Ben Nelson decided to retire and no viable Democrat candidate could not be found to replace him.

Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. When she decides to become involved, she makes a difference. Keep it up Sarah, we need you.

Pow Wow Chow, Soft Moccasins and High Cheek Bones

Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
7 Awful Moments From Elizabeth Warren's Native American Heritage Debacle

Between her pawpaw and Pow-Wow Chow Ms Warren has used up all the w's in Massachusetts.

Her continuing trial by fire proves that she is absolutely qualified to be a Democratic United States Senator from Massachusetts. Kennedyesque.

If you can pull off these embarrassingly uncomfortable moments without being run out of town on a rail, you are fully prepared for a life in politics.

The cook book was the cat's meow for me. That was delicious. Imagine being in a staff meeting when it was decided to walk that dog around the block. That took guts. Well done Lizzie.

In the figure above of the State Seal of Massachusetts, do you see what I see? Could this be a distant relative. He definitely has those famous high cheek bones. Genealogists should jump right on this. I bet Dan Rather could "discover" a few missing documents to weave this whole story into a nice neat package.

 You go girl. Put on those moccasins and hit the campaign trail!

Forrest Gump or Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in th...
Forrest Gump (character)
Obama Inserts Himself in White House Bios of Past Presidents

Why would any President, even one as self-impressed as Obama, allow his persona to be inserted into the biographies of our past Presidents? That thought bothered me all day yesterday.

After sleeping on it last night, it is obvious to me that there are only two viable possibilities.

First, someone at the White House or in the Obama re-election campaign watched Forrest Gump one too many times over the weekend and just felt a calling.  Or, this is the beginning of a stealth campaign to keep up with the real or imagined exploits of Vladimir Putin. 
If you think the Forrest Gump scenario more viable, consider where that could lead. We could see a short video clip of Obama raising the flag at Iwo Jima or sprinting to a Gold Medal at the Olympics a la Jessie Owens or being sworn in as President of the United States. Or even more scary, playing in the Lt. Dan Band.

On the other hand, if you buy the Putin fantasy, just imagine how much fun that video could be. Remember that beach body  they created for Obama during the campaign? Perfect pecs. Just imagine him rescuing relics from the sea and flying helicopters. Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! This scenario seems more likely.

If the Forrest Gump idea prevails, please omit the scene where Forrest (Obama) reveals his buttocks wound to some unfortunate future President.   

Princess Pants on Fire Still Digging

Native American girl
Notice the High Cheek bones
Warren: 'I'm proud of my Native American heritage' [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

 Elizabeth Warren may or may not be an American Indian but she is one hell of a hole digger.

Someone on her team should slowly and carefully remove the shovel from her possibly Native American hands and gently lift her out of the hole. The hole is getting deeper and Elizabeth Warren is not in any mood to back fill.

 “You know, I’m proud of my Native American heritage,” Warren said. “I’m proud of my family. It’s now the case that people have gone over my college records, my law school records, every job I’ve ever had to see that I got my work. I got my jobs because I do my work. I work hard. I’ve been a good teacher.”
Did you notice there was no mention of people going over her genealogical records? Maybe it was an oversight. The cookbook reference was solid.
Can you imagine the outrage had a Republican candidate made a claim of Native American status possibly used for career advancement through major law schools, and yet the claim remains unverified by any reputable genealogist? Very little chirping. Silence of the crickets.

And, about people going over college records, law school record and such.  That sounds reasonable.  I can only think of one exception to this very good idea.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is Random Predictable?

President Barack Obama puts a little body Engl...
President Barack Obama puts a little body English on his shot during a round of golf at Farm Neck golf course during his vacation on Martha's Vineyard, Aug. 24, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
KausFiles | The Daily Caller

As described in the Daily Caller | KausFiles today and quoted below, another close friend and associate of Barack Obama, maybe his closest friend, was "randomly" selected from a large pool of applicants for a huge government grant. It is amazing how random is defined by this administration.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded a $5.9 million grant to a University of Chicago Medical Center program run by one of President Barack Obama’s closest friends.
Obama’s longtime friend, Eric Whitaker, runs the Urban Health Initiative (UHI), which was founded as a means of connecting low-income patients with health clinics in their own communities.
The UHI was one of only 26 programs — out of 3,000 applications — to receive a slice of the $1 billion in taxpayer money from the executive’s “We Can’t Wait” initiative, which is aimed at spurring job growth via executive action, reported Keith Koffler at White House Dossier.

I wonder how many of the disappointed 2,974 applicants visited the White House, played golf with the President, have flown on Air Force One or bundled large sums of campaign funds on his behalf. This would be a great project for an enterprising reporter to delve into how many of the "random 26" have some connection to the administration? Just curious. Random thought.

It seems that if you are a regular visitor to the White House, a large dollar bundler for the re-election campaign or play golf with the President it boosts your "randomness odds" tremendously.  An amazing number of people close to this President have received grants, loans and other largesse. History will not be kind in this regard.

Read more:

Howard Fineman admits DOJ is political.

DSC_7934 Howard Fineman
Howard Fineman: Obama Campaign Strategy Reason for Federal Lawsuit Against Sheriff Arpaio |

There are encouraging signs for Republicans.

Signs, signs everywhere signs.

One such sign is liberal Howard Fineman admitting the Obama re-election strategy is the primary reason the Justice Department  has been harassing and finally sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio. For such a liberal personality and Obama admirer to acknowledge Eric Holder's DOJ is doing the bidding for the Obama re-election campaign is politically devastating. Holder would do us all a favor, even the Dems, if he would step aside.

Sadly it also explains the DOJ moves against voter id laws and immigration enforcement or lack thereof in the southern and swing states. Florida better beware after announcing this week that they have found at least 180,000 names on their voting rolls that do not match Florida citizen identities.

Maybe this will motivate some in the MSM to splash a little water on their faces and go do a little journalistic work to vet the President they helped elect in 2008. Howard Fineman at least poked his nose under the tent.

Another encouraging sign today was in the results released in the latest NYT/CBS poll. More on that later.  Is the war on women backfiring?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yahoo Replaces CEO with troubled resume

CEO Scott Thompson greets Yahoos at Sunnyvale HQ
If he was the current President of the United States, no one would be allowed to review those records.

Because if someone like a hedge fund manager or say a District Attorney or Sheriff from a state like Arizona started nosing around, well the Attorney General of the United States might just step in and sue in federal court to crush that inquiry.

Unfortunate for all involved, especially Mr. Thompson who it now appears may have cancer.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Charlotte-The Dems kind of town

The Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C....
The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina is going to be great. Divine intervention must have inspired Debbie Whatshername Schultz and the DNC to make this selection. What a great choice. She is such a uniter, just like the President.

North Carolina will welcome the Democrat party of Bev Perdue, gay marriage, tax, spend and organize with open arms. I bet the stock car and right-to-work crowd loves it. The NLRB could allow future Boeing workers in South Carolina to cross state lines and join in the festivities. That would be fun.
The irony of the 99%ers crammed into the Bank of America Stadium is just too good to be true. And Lloyd Blankfein, Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon could make cameo appearances to get the crowds fired up. Down with big banks, right! Maybe a drum circle.

So the 99%ers hope to convince the 61% of North Carolinian's who just voted against gay marriage to convert before they arrive this summer. Bringing in out-of-state union employees to replace local non-union service workers should help smooth this over as well. Genius.

Tough deal this convention, but Debbie loves a challenge.

Preaching is apparently very profitable.

Obama has issues- 20 years of Hate Speech comi...
Quiet Please
Obama team tried to 'bribe' Jeremiah Wright to keep quiet: book -

This story defines "Chicago politics".  It has everthing, power, money, bribery, back room deals, secret meetings, corruption, preachers and local politics they way it was meant to be played in the Windy City. Filthy.

 And, nobody does it better than the Obama machine, the most open administration evah!

As the President's own preacher calls him out about being paid off to shut up, maybe it's time for the media to wake up and smell the shenanigans. Blinders can only keep out so much sunshine.

When the media finally decides is has been a lap dog long enough and brushes off those journalism degrees and starts digging, this administration is going to collapse.  At some point, the media will realize they are being used and embarrassed by the Obama administration.

Washington Post Vets Romney's Teenage Years - What About Obama's?

Mitt Romney a Bully according to Washington Post

How embarrassing. They can't even fairly present the facts. Facts matter.

Coming soon, big block buster story about boogers, wedgies and pea shooters!

Heads up Washington Post, Barack Obama wrote about things he did in his early years that beg for objective reporting. If that isn't teed up for a great news organization like the Washington Post, what is?

Among things self-admitted by Obama that are begging for sunshine are his use of and love for illegal drugs, his hidden health records, his previous and ongoing associations with some pretty interesting people and his "no where to be found" grades, transcripts, thesis, and education financing details.

Sure, the Washington Post can round up more sources who admit they were not there to produce a great article about Mitt Romney but can they do some real investigative reporting on our President and his youthful indiscretions.

 Go get 'em!

Surviving the Vapors

Oh my, the vapors!
News from The Associated Press

It can't be. The international swooning over President Obama is fading.  The bloom is off the rose garden.

But, alas. The French have freshly elected a self-admitted socialist to take over center stage.

And what a socialist Mr. Hollande turns out to be. It was divulged after the election that he is a very rich Socialist who happens to own three summer homes in Cannes on the Riviera. What a socialist. The best kind.  A very rich, true 1%er kind.

Maybe another spell will be cast upon the masses in the shadows of the freshly carved styrofoam Roman columns at the Bank of America Stadium Convention; sorry, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

If the Dems loose this election, they could still win a couple of Oscars.