Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pow Wow Chow, Soft Moccasins and High Cheek Bones

Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
7 Awful Moments From Elizabeth Warren's Native American Heritage Debacle

Between her pawpaw and Pow-Wow Chow Ms Warren has used up all the w's in Massachusetts.

Her continuing trial by fire proves that she is absolutely qualified to be a Democratic United States Senator from Massachusetts. Kennedyesque.

If you can pull off these embarrassingly uncomfortable moments without being run out of town on a rail, you are fully prepared for a life in politics.

The cook book was the cat's meow for me. That was delicious. Imagine being in a staff meeting when it was decided to walk that dog around the block. That took guts. Well done Lizzie.

In the figure above of the State Seal of Massachusetts, do you see what I see? Could this be a distant relative. He definitely has those famous high cheek bones. Genealogists should jump right on this. I bet Dan Rather could "discover" a few missing documents to weave this whole story into a nice neat package.

 You go girl. Put on those moccasins and hit the campaign trail!

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