Thursday, May 17, 2012

Princess Pants on Fire, Professor Pow Wow Chow, Chief Hole Digger, etc...

Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29, 2010, a...
‘Pow Wow’ factor: Elizabeth Warren touted native roots in ’84 cookbook -

This is like shooting ducks on a pond. Elizabeth Warren is way too quick to speak and much too slow to think to be an effective Senator.  Oh, I forgot about Joe Biden, sorry. But, "effective" eliminates him. Anyhow, you have to admit she is great fodder.

Talk about shovel ready. She even signed her recipes "Elizabeth Warren - Cherokee". Never has a politician been faster to dig a path to Hades than Elizabeth Warren.  If the Energy Department Gods would let us drill for oil, Exxon would probably swoop her up and put her to work.

There must be a secret handshake that Democrats perform in a ceremony while swearing to never back-track, admit an error or lie after "misspeaking". Isn't what the Dems are now calling the telling and retelling of things which are proven to be less than truthful.

Have you noticed how quiet Scott Brown has been lately? Completely out of the news. Well played Senator. Never interrupt your opponent's self-flagellation.

Equally as intriguing in this debacle is how apparently easy it is to become a minority for career advancement purposes in institutions of higher learning. Just check the box. Almost as easy as voting illegally.

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