Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Howard Fineman admits DOJ is political.

DSC_7934 Howard Fineman
Howard Fineman: Obama Campaign Strategy Reason for Federal Lawsuit Against Sheriff Arpaio | NewsBusters.org

There are encouraging signs for Republicans.

Signs, signs everywhere signs.

One such sign is liberal Howard Fineman admitting the Obama re-election strategy is the primary reason the Justice Department  has been harassing and finally sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio. For such a liberal personality and Obama admirer to acknowledge Eric Holder's DOJ is doing the bidding for the Obama re-election campaign is politically devastating. Holder would do us all a favor, even the Dems, if he would step aside.

Sadly it also explains the DOJ moves against voter id laws and immigration enforcement or lack thereof in the southern and swing states. Florida better beware after announcing this week that they have found at least 180,000 names on their voting rolls that do not match Florida citizen identities.

Maybe this will motivate some in the MSM to splash a little water on their faces and go do a little journalistic work to vet the President they helped elect in 2008. Howard Fineman at least poked his nose under the tent.

Another encouraging sign today was in the results released in the latest NYT/CBS poll. More on that later.  Is the war on women backfiring?

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