Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Princess Pants on Fire Still Digging

Native American girl
Notice the High Cheek bones
Warren: 'I'm proud of my Native American heritage' [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

 Elizabeth Warren may or may not be an American Indian but she is one hell of a hole digger.

Someone on her team should slowly and carefully remove the shovel from her possibly Native American hands and gently lift her out of the hole. The hole is getting deeper and Elizabeth Warren is not in any mood to back fill.

 “You know, I’m proud of my Native American heritage,” Warren said. “I’m proud of my family. It’s now the case that people have gone over my college records, my law school records, every job I’ve ever had to see that I got my work. I got my jobs because I do my work. I work hard. I’ve been a good teacher.”
Did you notice there was no mention of people going over her genealogical records? Maybe it was an oversight. The cookbook reference was solid.
Can you imagine the outrage had a Republican candidate made a claim of Native American status possibly used for career advancement through major law schools, and yet the claim remains unverified by any reputable genealogist? Very little chirping. Silence of the crickets.

And, about people going over college records, law school record and such.  That sounds reasonable.  I can only think of one exception to this very good idea.

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