Sunday, May 13, 2012

Preaching is apparently very profitable.

Obama has issues- 20 years of Hate Speech comi...
Quiet Please
Obama team tried to 'bribe' Jeremiah Wright to keep quiet: book -

This story defines "Chicago politics".  It has everthing, power, money, bribery, back room deals, secret meetings, corruption, preachers and local politics they way it was meant to be played in the Windy City. Filthy.

 And, nobody does it better than the Obama machine, the most open administration evah!

As the President's own preacher calls him out about being paid off to shut up, maybe it's time for the media to wake up and smell the shenanigans. Blinders can only keep out so much sunshine.

When the media finally decides is has been a lap dog long enough and brushes off those journalism degrees and starts digging, this administration is going to collapse.  At some point, the media will realize they are being used and embarrassed by the Obama administration.

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