Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bev Perdue - Southern Belle

I guess Bev is not planning a summer vacation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Priorities - Friends investigated maybe never?

So, the Feds are all in a hissy fit over JPMorgan Chase loosing company funds in a terrible trading position and are rushing  to investigate. 

Hey Feds, remember MF Global and a fellow named Jon Corzine! He lost the customers money, the company and the whole ball of wax.

Maybe you should prosecute MF Global first!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Elizabath Warren aka "Princess Pants on Fire"

This photo is from the Time 100 Gala - read ho...
This photo is from the Time 100 Gala - read how I feel about Elizabeth Warren. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Univ. Penn. Law also identified Elizabeth Warren as “minority” - Legal Insurrection

Oops! She did it again. The gift that keeps on giving.

Just imagine how intelligent you must be to perpetuate this family lore under the sunshine of an interested press.

Might take someone as special as a Harvard Law professor with high cheekbones.

Thank goodness the press never got interested in spreading sunshine on a certain Harvard Law student.

UPDATE via Smoke Signals

Uncle Omar and Auntie Zeituni - A reality show waiting to be made.

Don’t cry for Auntie Zeituni -

AP Photo
Today is a great day. Uncle Omar gets his drivers license back after his DUI and Auntie Zeituni has a can't miss tear-jerker being published. The Commonwealth has been so good to the relatives of the President. Life is great in the old USA for the Obama family. What a country.

Can't you just see it "Omar and Zeituni" the next gripping reality show!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truth, simply stated.

Obama: "Sometimes I Forget The Magnitude of the Recession"


 We know. That is the problem.


Is it legal to abort a White House visitor?

"Views of a Fetus in the Womb", Leon...
"Views of a Fetus in the Womb", Leonardo da Vinci, ca. 1510-1512. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No Birth Certificate Required | Washington Free Beacon.

 If a month later the mother (visitor carrier) decides to abort this White House-registered visitor, is it murder?


Dismissed U.S. attorneys summary
Dismissed U.S. attorneys summary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let me see if I understand the current situation. The DOJ is suing Texas, Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina and almost every Southern and Border state for attempting to enforce the laws of their state and the laws of the United States of America the DOJ chooses to ignore. 

The DOJ has decided not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and many Immigration laws. You cannot enter the DOJ, US Congress, board an airplane, or even rent a library book without presenting a picture ID but the DOJ believes it is a racist plot to have voters present a photo ID to vote, which I have been doing for many years. 

Today, DOJ filed suit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a highly decorated thirty-year law enforcement officer formerly of the Justice Department. All DOJ wants to do is take over management of Sheriff Joe's office. And, now the President has suddenly evolved into a States-Righter, but only for the purposes of covering his newly-evolved fable about gay marriage  appreciated so much in Hollywood fundraising circles. Federalism a la carte?

As of today, the DOJ can't find the time or reason to prosecute former U.S Senator and Governor Corzine for "misplacing" $1.6 Billion of his customer's money. And, Mr. Corzine continues to bundle campaign funds for President Obama. Is it a coincidence that several of the key appointees in the DOJ are from the very firms they are refusing to investigate? And, yes they were all key bundlers as well. 
The IRS is harassing the Tea Party organizations while they and the DOJ are ignoring the shenanigans being perpetrated by the tax exempt organizations of the left-o-sphere.

It sure looks fast and furious at the DOJ.

Did AG Holder forget his oath?

11593-051/72,459=40.6% or Odds Obama wins West Virginia in November

Federal Inmate No. 11593-051 | RNC: Republican National Committee | GOP.

Keith Judd - Mr. 40.6%

The President should come out next week for more coal production to reverse this result.

Then, he could go to North Carolina and promote gay marriage.