Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unsolicited Advice to Mr. Romney

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...
speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 11, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This election can be won by Mitt Romney. His aggressive spirit this week is very encouraging and I believe is turning momentum in his favor. Continue to attack.

Next, call a press conference and make this statement, " If elected, I pledge that I will never blame the previous administration. I understand that as of my inauguration, I am in charge and what occurs during my tenure is my responsibility. I am aware of the status of the country, it's financial and other problems. The era of blame is over and the error of accountability is here!"

More unsolicited advice coming soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Of Floods And Fires

As the desperate people of Ft. Collins, Colorado watch their homes burn to the ground and the rain drenched people of  Florida experience torrential flooding, the President hasn't even mentioned their plights. Not a word. Not even a fly-over!

Their are so many fund raisers to attend and so much golf to play. There just is not enough time to do everything.

If George Bush was watching Colorado burn and Florida drown, would the press give him the same free pass they are giving President Obama? Not likely.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Did Obama Expose The White House?

Logo of the United States White House, especia...
Voters Disapprove of Obama Blocking Release of Fast & Furious Docs

As noted in and particularly as quoted below from that article, there is a stench hanging over the Fast and Furious mess. It feels unfinished and unresolved, and it is. Voters do not believe that this should just "go away" as the DOJ and the White House are hoping.
The Hill Poll found that likely voters disapproved by an almost 2-to-1 margin of Obama’s assertion of presidential power in the case. Overall, 56 percent of voters disapproved of his action, while only 29 percent approved. …
Sixty-one percent of independents said they disapproved of the president’s actions, and just 25 percent approved. Among Republicans, opposition to the president’s use of executive privilege was more entrenched at 78 percent.
Even 28 percent of Democrats, and 30 percent of self-identified liberals disapproved of Obama’s position.

What is bothersome and nagging and won't go away is this very simple question, "What could be so damaging that it would cause the President to invoke executive privilege?" If this problem, whatever it is, is an issue that is contained in the DOJ or ATF or DEA, or even the Bush Administration, then Obama would lop off the appropriate heads and take credit for the cure. Even if that cure meant jettisoning Eric Holder, Obama would protect himself. Apparently, he cannot.

The other question that needs to be answered and should be simple to do is, "Who approved this program?" If that information can't be produced within an hour, the DOJ should be shut down as an incompetent organization operating without any internal controls.

What are the chances that the political arm of the White House was way too involved? Just a thought.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama the Longshanks?

English: Erected at Westminster Abbey sometime...
Edward the Longshanks
Weasel Zippers  Blog Archive  Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts, Ask Their Guests To Donate To His Campaign Instead…

Barack Obama is asking brides to accept campaign donations for the Obama Election Campaign in lieu of wedding gifts for themselves and their spouses. What a guy! A true romantic.

This is the best example yet of how his mind works. And it is frightening. Everything, even the most special day in the lives of millions of Americans, he believes should be subordinated to his needs and wants. Is nothing sacred?

Actually don't ask. And, please don't let him watch Braveheart again. Especially the part when Edward the Longshanks grants "Prima Nocta" to his lords.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pelosi Blocking For Obama

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi (Photo credit: KCIvey)
Pelosi: Obama should unilaterally eliminate the debt ceiling |

Nancy Pelosi is blocking for the next Obama power grab. And, she loves it. You can hear that in the coyness of the last question she leaves dangling in the wind as quoted below.
 “I think he should [declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional],” Pelosi said, though she wouldn’t predict Obama’s move. “I’m in a different branch of government. In the minority, in the House. What do I know about what the president’s going to do?”

Obama is planning to side-step Congress again and unilaterally blow open the debt ceiling.  He has no choice. Without money to service his voters, he has nothing. He doesn't know how to negotiate with the Republicans and they don't trust him. Obama has no leadership skills and no use for Congress and the restraints of the Constitution. 

This move to once again make an end run around Congress is Obama's admission of failure. Anyone can govern without opposition. Mrs. Pelosi is right, he is much better at "declaring" than governing.

Usually we call those who "declare" dictators, and spend our national treasurer to overthrow them. It takes political skill to bring parties together for the common good. Playing Dictator is much easier until you are overthrown. Let's hope that happens in November.

Pelosi knows. She just threw down the gauntlet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is Nancy Pelosi Having A Breakdown?

English: Nancy Pelosi photo portrait as Speake...
Nancy Pelosi is becoming further detached from reality as each day passes that she is no longer the Speaker of the House. It is eating her up.  She needs rest, some help and, for her own good she should retire. She is embarrassing herself and her party.

In her rant today, she offered the theory that the Republican's challenge to Attorney General Holder over the Fast and Furious scandal is a part of a organized effort to suppress the vote in the upcoming elections in November.  She made no attempt to offer any proof or even a hint of who was involved and what they were doing to implement this cabal. None. Just another feckless accusation.

Yesterday, Mrs. Pelosi was spinning a tale about how she could have arrested Karl Rove "on any given day" and confined him in the "little jail here at the capitol". The one problem with this statement is that she never had that authority. Other than that one little detail, her statement was true.

Now, if Mrs. Pelosi is willing to agree that as of yesterday Speaker Boehner has the authority to arrest Attorney General Holder, Karl Rove would probably agree that her statement was true. And, she should agree not to complain when Speaker Boehner arrests Mr. Holder upon his return from Amsterdam. That seems fair.

Nancy Pelosi is consumed with hatred for George W. Bush and Karl Rove. It is a sad thing to watch her go down this road. This is not going to end well for her.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Sam, More Voted For Obama in 2008 Because He Is Black

English: Image of former news anchor to the AB...
English: Image of former news anchor to the ABC news and reporter Sam Donaldson conversing with people (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sam Donaldson: Many on Right Oppose Obama Because He's Black

So Sam, tell me how you know this. Is your unique ability to peer into the souls of all the people on the right a God-given talent like ESP, or is it a trained ability you gained by sporting a comb-over (or rug) that could make Donald Trump jealous? Or maybe it is just arrogance you acquired while working at ABC News?

And, when did you know you had this special talent? Did it hit you like a bolt of lightning or come to your consciousness over a period of time? Just curious.

Sam, when you look into the hearts and souls of Obama supporters, do you also see the ones that voted for him because he is black? That has to be a much larger group. Barack Obama was elected by white voters because a certain number felt guilt-ridden and believed they cleansed their racial souls by voting for the man.

The latter group has to be much larger because there was no other reasons to vote for a candidate so inexperienced and unprepared. None. Even a white candidate with so little experience most would find completely unacceptable.

By every measure this President been a complete failure. The country is more divided now than it has been at any point in my lifetime. The economy is in shambles and the man can't even get a single vote for his own budgets. Not one, Democrat or Republican. Our foreign affairs are a mess and our domestic policies are being experimented with by a socialist leaning leader who feels there is no restraint on his powers. It is frightening. He must be defeated.

Mr. Donaldson, people oppose this President because he has proven himself to be an incompetent leader, not because he is only half white. 

Sam, here is your honesty test. Examine your soul and answer this truthfully. Do you honestly believe a completely white Barack Obama would have beaten Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2008?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Checking off the Boxes - Legalize Marijuana Next - Youth Vote Check

"It really puzzles me to see marijuana co...
"It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics, dope and all that crap. It's a thousand times better than whiskey. It's an assistant, a friend." - Louis Armstrong 2001 The Space Odyssey Marijuana March May 5, 2001 New Orleans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Secret report: Catch and release for low-priority illegals proposed - Washington Times

This President will do anything to get re-elected. He is shameless. He doesn't even try to disguise his tactics any longer. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This stunt should take care of the Latino vote for now.  Check that box off. Move on to the youth vote.

Marijuana here we come! Yep, he is going to instruct our law enforcement officials to not enforce our drug laws so he can get re-elected. He will probably hold this in his pocket until September or even better save it for an October surprise.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bill Clinton Is Smart - Let's Take His Advice

English: Official White House photo of Preside...
Bill Clinton's words could haunt Obama today:

Bill Clinton is widely regarded as the greatest politician of our times. This Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas is still seen as the leader of the Democrat party. When he speaks, people listen; especially liberal journalists. So, let's take him at his word.

 In September 2010, Clinton told his Cuyahoga Community College audience in Cleveland that Democrats deserved two more years to fix the nation's economy.

"The Democrats are saying something like this: 'We found a big hole that we did not dig. We didn't get it filled in 21 months, but at least we quit digging,'" Clinton said at the time. "'Give us two more years. If it doesn't work, vote us out.'"

Okay. I agree. Will do.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Senior advisor David Axelrod during a meeting ...
In 1994 Axelrod Said You Can't Talk About Progress While the Middle Class is Hurting - YouTube

Hey David remember this? This is when he was talking truth to power.

Well, just because he said it, doesn't mean he
 really meant it. And anyway, Obama is cool. Right on, right on.

Surely this will be on MSNBC tonight.

NYC Health Panel Should Ban Restaurants & Bars

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg opening ...
Health panel talks about wider food ban - New York News | New York Breaking News | NYC Headlines

This panel is a bunch of chickens. They should quit nibbling around the edges and just ban all restaurants and bars in New York. If they really want to prevent obesity, just do it!

The good mayor knows damn good and well that all those high priced steak houses are just killing people. Have you ever heard any nutritionist espouse the benefits contained in a bottle of gin? Certainly the city can do without the jobs and tax revenues for the good of the waistlines of New Yorkers. If you are going to stand on principle, stand on it don't just dance around the edges.

Come on Mayor Bloomberg, show some cajones!

Maybe he needs one more term.

Recusal, Are You Kidding?

English: Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the...
English: Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Holder Refuses to Provide Testimony on Kagan’s Involvement in Obamacare |

Again, this "Justice" Department and the Obama Administration are laughing in the face of any oversight from any source. Shame on the Republicans for not throwing an absolute hissy fit over the Obama Administration's continued abuse of executive power. The lesson Republicans need to take away from this disaster is that if you appoint a willing and controllable Attorney General, there is no limit to Presidential power. Remember that in the future.

When the Obama Administration decided that bond holder's interests would be vacated and their "property" was handed over to the unions in violation of every standard and contract law this country operates under, I knew that the Republicans wouldn't rest until this was reversed. But, not a whimper. Very disappointing. Unfortunately, it continues. Justice Kagan should have recused herself from this matter.

Elena Kagan will always be remembered for one thing in history. She was appointed to the Supreme Court to prevent Obamacare from being overturned by the Supreme Court.  She understands her job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If Republicans Are Smart They Don't Touch This

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
FEC: Campaigns can raise money via text message - Dave Levinthal -

If you were trying to find a way to aggravate people, this would be it. Call people who don't want you to call them on their cell phones, which costs them money, and beg for more money for your favorite politicians. Really?

Republicans, be smart and resist this evil temptation.  It will benefit you many times over to be the party who does not abuse the personal space of your constituents.

As quoted in

The Federal Election Commission on Monday night unanimously voted to allow Americans to make political donations via text message, making Androids, iPhones and BlackBerrys the newest weapon in the battle to raise unprecedented amounts of money.

Both parties, as well as campaign finance reform advocates, say the move will allow Americans of modest means to play a greater role in a democratic process dominated this election cycle by billionaires and multimillionaires and political organizations such as super PACs that may raise and spend money without restriction.

Just a friendly, but smart suggestion.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waking Up To The Smell Of A Skunk

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...
Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaign rallies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Poll: Barack Obama in dead heat with Mitt Romney in Michigan as popularity slips | Detroit Free Press |
Hmm. This isn't supposed to be happening to His Coolness, Barack Obama. And certainly it isn't supposed to be reported in the mainstream press. Come on people, hold that line a little longer. November will be here soon.

What are the chances you hear this poll cited on MSNBC tonight? Here is an excerpt from the article:

EPIC co-founder John Cavanagh said the softening in support for Obama is likely related to a robust TV advertising campaign by pro-Romney PACs which have been critical of his handling of the economy. Perhaps most troubling for the Democratic president is a decline in support from independent voters, Cavanagh said.

So when the data is unfavorable to the Obama camp, they explain it away as a temporary bump from advertising. This documented softening of support for President Obama couldn't be the result of a nation awakening from a spell cast upon it by a once dynamic politician, and slowly becoming aware they have been duped? No way, say those with their noses in the air and degrees from Columbia. The electorate is too stupid to do that, or so they opine.

Well, we are coming out of our slumber. Can't you smell it? The Obama campaign is loosing momentum and flailing along. Many of his donors from 2008 are not contributing at all in this election cycle and the Romney campaign is now raising more money than the Obama campaign. Hell, even Obama's surrogates are turning on him. Bill Clinton is a one man wrecking crew. These are not good signs for the re-election prospects of Mr. Obama.

You know that smell. Kind of like the scent of a skunk, it just lingers and you can't get it off. Funny how you never forget that smell.

Well Done Stanley Kurtz - National Review Online

Barack Obama Grant Park Chicago 2008
Barack Obama Grant Park Chicago 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Obama’s Third-Party History - Stanley Kurtz - National Review Online:

Is it just me or do Obama supporters actually expend more effort denying facts that are provably true than they spend promoting plans and policies for good governance that are not. The most recent example of a fact they deny is outlined in this excellent article in National Review Online and quoted below:
Minutes of the meeting on January 11, 1996, of the New Party’s Chicago chapter read as follows:

Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.

 The party’s official “statement of principles,” which candidates seeking endorsement from the Chicago chapter were asked to support, called for a “peaceful revolution” and included redistributive proposals substantially to the left of the Democratic party.

 What's a little contract between friends trying to start a "peaceful revolution"?