Sunday, May 13, 2012

Washington Post Vets Romney's Teenage Years - What About Obama's?

Mitt Romney a Bully according to Washington Post

How embarrassing. They can't even fairly present the facts. Facts matter.

Coming soon, big block buster story about boogers, wedgies and pea shooters!

Heads up Washington Post, Barack Obama wrote about things he did in his early years that beg for objective reporting. If that isn't teed up for a great news organization like the Washington Post, what is?

Among things self-admitted by Obama that are begging for sunshine are his use of and love for illegal drugs, his hidden health records, his previous and ongoing associations with some pretty interesting people and his "no where to be found" grades, transcripts, thesis, and education financing details.

Sure, the Washington Post can round up more sources who admit they were not there to produce a great article about Mitt Romney but can they do some real investigative reporting on our President and his youthful indiscretions.

 Go get 'em!

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