Sunday, May 13, 2012

Surviving the Vapors

Oh my, the vapors!
News from The Associated Press

It can't be. The international swooning over President Obama is fading.  The bloom is off the rose garden.

But, alas. The French have freshly elected a self-admitted socialist to take over center stage.

And what a socialist Mr. Hollande turns out to be. It was divulged after the election that he is a very rich Socialist who happens to own three summer homes in Cannes on the Riviera. What a socialist. The best kind.  A very rich, true 1%er kind.

Maybe another spell will be cast upon the masses in the shadows of the freshly carved styrofoam Roman columns at the Bank of America Stadium Convention; sorry, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

If the Dems loose this election, they could still win a couple of Oscars.

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