Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Lost Cherokee Tribe

English: Elizabeth "Betsy" Brown She...
English: Elizabeth "Betsy" Brown She was a Cherokee Indian and was on the Trail of Tears. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like Warren, Obama Claims Cherokee Ancestry--But Offers No Proof

Apparently there is a tribe of the Cherokee Nation that has only two living members to perpetuate the bloodline. Those remaining are Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, via Harvard Law and Barack Hussein Obama of Hawaii, via Kenya and Indonesia, and of course Harvard Law.

As Obama writes in his book, Dreams From My Father, and quoted from Breitbart.com below, again President Obama is the source for all that is mysterious about his past.
If asked, Toot [Obama’s maternal grandmother, Madelyne Payne Dunham] would turn her head in profile to show off her beaked nose, which, along with a pair of jet-black eyes, was offered as proof of Cherokee blood.
But an old, sepia toned photograph on the bookshelf spoke most eloquently of their [grandparents Stanley and Madelyne Dunham’s] roots.  It showed Toot’s grandparents, of Scottish and English stock, standing in front of a ramshackle homestead, unsmiling and dressed in coarse wool, their eyes squinting at the sun baked flinty life that stretched before them…in their eyes one could see truths that I would have to learn later as facts…that while one of my great-great grandfathers, Christopher Columbus Clark, had been a decorated Union soldier, his wife’s mother was rumored to have been a second cousin of Jefferson Davis…that although another distant ancestor had indeed been a full-blooded Cherokee, such lineage was a source of shame to Toot’s mother [Leona McCurry Payne] who blanched whenever someone mentioned the subject and hoped to carry the secret to her grave.

Barack Obama should be called the melting pot. He represents himself having bloodlines from the red Johnny Reb blood to Union Blue blue blood to deep scarlet Cherokee blood and even threw in a little mention of Christopher Columbus and several of the British Isles. How did he miss a George Washington cell or two?

 It is a unique and rare duty and responsibility to perpetuate the endangered tribe.

And, this should be fodder for the curious minds of investigative journalists. Go get 'em.

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