Saturday, May 26, 2012

Which Way Do We Go?

Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Now that half of the country is dependent upon the government for survival, the country has reached a tipping point. This did not happen by accident. The radical left planned the welfare state. It is they believe, a better model. A model where the masses depend on them in Washington for their every need. That is the leverage liberals need to maintain control. Control the voters through government largess and they become your permanent dependents and voters. This is the beginning of the ultimate destruction of the United States from within as communists have pursued for years.
Great Depression Food Line 
Politicians and government officials today live a lifestyle far better and secure than most in the private economy. The new normal for politicos is to eat the finest food, attend the finest parties, and travel the world in luxury while enjoying a taxpayer-funded lifestyle that very few can afford. They have become the upper crust of the society they control. Many politicians, after years in Congress are extremely wealthy individuals. The job alone does not pay that well. This is not the Republic of our Founders. This is socialism in it's infancy.

This Presidential election may be the last chance we have to first stop, and then reverse this trend. Another four years of an Obama administration that will never face the electorate again is frightening.

English: Congressman Darrell Issa's Official 1...
Congressman Issa
Never before has a President abused the power of the office and shown so little regard for the Constitution, rule of law, and equality of other co-equal branches of government as President Obama. Just ask Congressman Darrell Issa.

The power of this President comes from this growing permanent underclass to whom he promises so much. Without them, he is not electable. With them, they control the electorate and he is not at risk to loose. The fight over voter identification is wholly an effort to reinforce this electorate with illegal and undocumented voters.

More government officials travel in limousines today than ever before. Even aides to the President have limousines and drivers. Why? Many are paid more than private sector workers and they have elaborate health care and pension plans unaffordable and often unavailable in the private sector.

Many in government spend freely on government and/or campaign credit cards, and have campaign cash to use as needed. Their vehicles are leased by taxpayers. Some keep campaign accounts active for years after leaving the campaign trail. John Edwards, whether convicted on not, is a perfect example of the abuse of campaign funds and contributors. It is time for a law to force any unspent campaign funds be returned to the donors at the end of every election. Terms limits would cure much of this problem.

The arrogance displayed by many in government should be the warning needed to alert us to this attack on our freedom. Eric Holder being the perfect example. Subpoena him and he ignores the subpoena; question him in a committee of Congress and he evades. Attorney General Holder is the poster boy for arrogance in public service. After the One, he must be the second to go after this election.

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