Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did Obama Have Lower SAT Scores Than George W. Bush? Perish The Thought.

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Exclusive: The Vetting - Did Obama Have Lower SAT Scores Than George W. Bush?

No one on the left believes that George W. Bush is in the same intellectual class as Barack Obama. And the media doesn't want to peak under that rock. Lord knows what they might find. Perhaps an Ivy League degree and an MBA or such.

After spending the best part of four years not looking into Barack Obama, his past, his academic and professional accomplishments or lack thereof, why start now and ruin every myth they worked so hard to perpetuate upon the uneducated and unwashed of this great land. Meaning, all of us who are not one of them.

Whence they finish the high school years of Mitt Romney and the horse barn fodder of his wife, they certainly can move on to grade school and kindergarten before looking toward the President and his past.

It is becoming more and more obvious that Brietbart.com has information yet not yet published and will drip it out throughout this year and the election cycle. It is going to be interesting.

Don't underestimate Breitbart.com. These are very talented and devoted people. They are not dropping these bits of bread along a trail for no reason. They are much smarter and much more committed than the left understands. Hold on, this is going somewhere. And it is going to be fun. They are going to make Andrew Breitbart's legacy proud and respected.

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