Saturday, May 26, 2012

Choom Choom Barry - Thanks David Maraniss

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 21: David Maraniss attends ...
A User's Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama

Thank you David Maraniss. Thank you for taking a risk by reporting the truth about Barack Obama.

Where was all this information in 2008? Why hasn't this appeared in major newspapers and publications or on every  broadcast network during this election cycle? The answer to both of those questions is obvious. The media continues to protect Barack Obama from himself, his past and his life long associations. Would he have been elected in 2008 if he had been fully vetted for the voting public to see all of his warts? Doubtful.

The media has spent weeks talking about the high school antics of Mitt Romney. Maybe it is time to spend a couple of weeks looking at the Choom Choom President and his high school days, college years and early years of adulthood.  What does a community organizer really do? And, with whom did he associate?

Where are his health records? Is he still smoking cigarettes? When was the last time he did any illegal drug?  What illegal drugs did he do? The voting public deserves to hear the full answers to these and other questions.

From the excerpts released from the new David Maraniss book "Barack Obama: The Story", he goes into some detail about young Barry Obama and his favorite activity.

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