Friday, May 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren 'Woman of Color' Look At Those High Cheek Bones And Native Skin Tone

Elizabeth Warren, Chairman of the Congressiona...
Elizabeth Warren, Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel; Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law, Harvard Law School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Exclusive: Elizabeth Warren Listed as 'Woman of Color' by Harvard Journal in 1993

Elizabeth Warren has said on numerous occasions that her mother told her that she is part Cherokee, so she must be. And, no one seems terribly anxious to criticize her mother. So there. Let it be written! Make it so!

Unfortunately, no such decree is going to be the final word regarding the heritage of Elizabeth Warren. She played this card to her advantage for years, and now it is time to back up that apparent bluff. Show your cards.

And all of you evil right wing reporters that have expressed some doubt, should just take her at her mother's word and stop pestering her about this silly little story. Shoo fly, go away. Especially all of you Cherokee Nation genealogists that keep asking for proof they are unable to find in their huge database.

What is even more troubling and not being discussed in this debacle, is that if Elizabeth Warren cannot prove that she had evidence of her claimed heritage, then she has at best misrepresented herself for career opportunities and at worst possibly done something much more problematic.

What is the difference between enhancing your resume with an untruth about a educational degree or an untruth about your race, gender or age? Nothing. All of these factors can be determinative in hiring decisions today. This was demonstrated by Harvard promoting her ethnicity as a Native American. Each is done for the sole purpose of deceiving a potential employer to gain an advantage to achieve a position you desire. And for every candidate selected for a position, another is excluded from that supposedly equal opportunity. Does the EEOC have a regulation that allows certain persons to lie about their heritage?

This story is alive today and well on it's way to achieving the lofty status of a "gate" story, as in PowWowChowGate, because Ms Warren won't acknowledge her mistake(s), or even better, put forth some proof of her claim. This will not just go away. If she is not smart enough to figure this out, surely one of her political advisers should be.

The real question the people of Massachusetts should be asking is this,"If she lied about her heritage, can we trust her to represent us in the United States Senate?"

By the way, has anybody seen her birth certificate? Just kiddin'!

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