Monday, June 4, 2012

Talk About A Fund Raising Opportunity

English: Official portrait of United States At...
English: Official portrait of United States Attorney General Eric Holder EspaƱol: Retrato oficial de Fiscal General de los Estados Unidos Eric Holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
War in the White House: attorney general Eric Holder and top Obama adviser David Axelrod 'had to be separated' - Telegraph

Thank God there was a man Valerie Jarrett was in the room or this could have gotten ugly. Slaps all around. I hope she didn't hurt them.

So apparently the Attorney General of the United States, is screaming at the President's political hack for trying to insert political types into the operations of the Department of Justice. Damn, everyone knows it's Holder's job to play politics at the Department of Injustice. After all, he has so many red states to sue before he sleeps.  I guess he was mad.

But why was the Attorney General meeting with the President's political people anyway? Isn't the job of the Attorney General to protect all the people, not just the democrat Americans? It used to be.

Now, if there is video of this and I bet there is, this could be the greatest fund raising device "evah"! Can you imagine how many people would pay good money to see this cat fight in the White House.

This president has some great people around him for making a sitcom or soap opera.

Eric Holder needs to resign. He is in way over his head. 

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