Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mika Brzezinski - Blinded By the Light

The World Affairs Council presents Mika Brzezi...
Thank goodness I caught a little of Mika Brzezinski this morning. Otherwise,  I would have gone through the whole day believing that Governor Scott Walker won the recall election in Wisconsin last night. Mika kindly straightened me out on that by explaining that Obama was the real winner last night and it looked terrible for poor Mitt in Wisconsin this November. The exit polls clearly proved that.

Hey Mika, are those the same exit polls that projected a "too close to call" election last night? Same ones? Just checking. Same ones that reported 119% voter turnout in Milwaukee? Yes those. Blind faith can be a beautiful thing.

It's a little unfair to Mika to presume her Obama bias is a voluntary action, because it is quite obvious that she has a case of the vapors when it comes to everything Obama. She can't help herself. The vapors do that.

Some might even say she was Blinded by the Light!

Sing it Manfred

Here is another take on the media reading what they want to into flawed exit polls.

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