Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waking Up To The Smell Of A Skunk

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...
Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaign rallies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Poll: Barack Obama in dead heat with Mitt Romney in Michigan as popularity slips | Detroit Free Press |
Hmm. This isn't supposed to be happening to His Coolness, Barack Obama. And certainly it isn't supposed to be reported in the mainstream press. Come on people, hold that line a little longer. November will be here soon.

What are the chances you hear this poll cited on MSNBC tonight? Here is an excerpt from the article:

EPIC co-founder John Cavanagh said the softening in support for Obama is likely related to a robust TV advertising campaign by pro-Romney PACs which have been critical of his handling of the economy. Perhaps most troubling for the Democratic president is a decline in support from independent voters, Cavanagh said.

So when the data is unfavorable to the Obama camp, they explain it away as a temporary bump from advertising. This documented softening of support for President Obama couldn't be the result of a nation awakening from a spell cast upon it by a once dynamic politician, and slowly becoming aware they have been duped? No way, say those with their noses in the air and degrees from Columbia. The electorate is too stupid to do that, or so they opine.

Well, we are coming out of our slumber. Can't you smell it? The Obama campaign is loosing momentum and flailing along. Many of his donors from 2008 are not contributing at all in this election cycle and the Romney campaign is now raising more money than the Obama campaign. Hell, even Obama's surrogates are turning on him. Bill Clinton is a one man wrecking crew. These are not good signs for the re-election prospects of Mr. Obama.

You know that smell. Kind of like the scent of a skunk, it just lingers and you can't get it off. Funny how you never forget that smell.

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