Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slow Down People. It's Hard Keeping Up!

President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Liz Warren just won’t commit -

Thank goodness Joe Biden was put out to pasture this week because between Princess Pants on Fire and President Obama it is difficult keeping up with the fodder they keep spewing out. Between Obama slipping in the little secret about his sons and his insulting the people of Poland and still finding the time to confuse the NCAA with the NAACP during a ceremony at the White House. That was the same event at the White House where President Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to an avowed socialist. Things are hopping.

And who would have guessed that they keep the vital statistic of the number of nursing mothers that take the bar exam in New Jersey. Have to admit a weird curiosity about how they gather this data. Had I been familiar with this interesting data category, my first guess would have been that Elizabeth Warren was right up near the front of the line. What a talented Indian princess.

This poor lady needs a break. But it doesn't look like one is coming very soon. Both the Breitbart people and the Boston Herald smell blood. They are having so much fun that the Boston Globe is even testing the waters. And recently a large association of Native Americans have banded together and are beginning to exert some real pressure on behalf of the Cherokee Nation.

Give Ms Warren credit, she is staying on message without offering any proof. It takes a certain amount of moxie to pull this off on a daily basis. The problem with this tactic is that nobody, not even her allies, believe her any longer.

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