Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Democrat Socialists of America Event Headlined by Obama In 1996

The Redistribution of Wealth

Now, don't go using the information in the Gateway Pundit article to accuse President Obama of being a Socialist. Just because he was a featured speaker at the Democrat Socialists of America rally in 1996 is no reason to smear his reputation. And, his message at that meeting was redistribution of wealth, not socialism. But it does help to understand who President Obama is today from his real history. Where was this information in 2008? Must have been hidden in the same shoe box as his Choom stash.

At this event Obama opined that state governments have a role in the allocation of wages and jobs. Cool. I didn't know that. So those who have accused him of giving too much power to the federal government might need to adjust their thinking to a sharing of that responsibility between state and federal control of our lives. I feel much better knowing this little factoid.

Maybe this is what Obama means when he talks about community organizing. He gets to organize our communities. Which I must admit, is a phrase I had never before Barack Obama began his run to the Presidency.

Must be a Chicago thing. Can you get a degree in that field? This field of study must be where Obama learned to rewrite the history of contract law to wipe out bond holders at the whim of a President trying to protect labor unions. Property rights/smoperty rights who really believed in that hogwash anyway. Bondholders are devils.

So the next time you hear someone accuse the President of being a Socialist, just remember he speaks at their meetings, supports their goals and is supported by their leaders, but he is really just a redistributionalist, not a Socialist.

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