Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joe Biden Put In Time Out

Biden Takes a Time Out | The Weekly Standard

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...
This is not good news for Republicans. Joe Biden is our greatest asset when he is allowed to speak into a microphone. Surviving this drought is going to be difficult. An entire week without a single gaffe from Joe is similar to the feeling experienced during the second week after you quit smoking. A week of constantly feeling unsatisfied and expecting complete failure at any moment. Having been through it, I remember how tough it was.

Some suggest this week long trip home might have been arranged to allow Joe some quiet time to consider doing the honorable thing and withdrawing from the Obama ticket for a second term. We can't let that happen.

Or maybe he is going home as any good landlord would do from time to time, to inspect his property and make sure his rent paying tenants, The Secret Service, are not misbehaving while "the cat's away". They do have a reputation you know.

People, it might be time to rally for Joe. This week should be spent encouraging Joe to stay the course. We need him. To hell with the polls. Run Joe Run! Run Joe Run!

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