Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recusal, Are You Kidding?

English: Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the...
English: Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Holder Refuses to Provide Testimony on Kagan’s Involvement in Obamacare |

Again, this "Justice" Department and the Obama Administration are laughing in the face of any oversight from any source. Shame on the Republicans for not throwing an absolute hissy fit over the Obama Administration's continued abuse of executive power. The lesson Republicans need to take away from this disaster is that if you appoint a willing and controllable Attorney General, there is no limit to Presidential power. Remember that in the future.

When the Obama Administration decided that bond holder's interests would be vacated and their "property" was handed over to the unions in violation of every standard and contract law this country operates under, I knew that the Republicans wouldn't rest until this was reversed. But, not a whimper. Very disappointing. Unfortunately, it continues. Justice Kagan should have recused herself from this matter.

Elena Kagan will always be remembered for one thing in history. She was appointed to the Supreme Court to prevent Obamacare from being overturned by the Supreme Court.  She understands her job.

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