Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is Nancy Pelosi Having A Breakdown?

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Nancy Pelosi is becoming further detached from reality as each day passes that she is no longer the Speaker of the House. It is eating her up.  She needs rest, some help and, for her own good she should retire. She is embarrassing herself and her party.

In her rant today, she offered the theory that the Republican's challenge to Attorney General Holder over the Fast and Furious scandal is a part of a organized effort to suppress the vote in the upcoming elections in November.  She made no attempt to offer any proof or even a hint of who was involved and what they were doing to implement this cabal. None. Just another feckless accusation.

Yesterday, Mrs. Pelosi was spinning a tale about how she could have arrested Karl Rove "on any given day" and confined him in the "little jail here at the capitol". The one problem with this statement is that she never had that authority. Other than that one little detail, her statement was true.

Now, if Mrs. Pelosi is willing to agree that as of yesterday Speaker Boehner has the authority to arrest Attorney General Holder, Karl Rove would probably agree that her statement was true. And, she should agree not to complain when Speaker Boehner arrests Mr. Holder upon his return from Amsterdam. That seems fair.

Nancy Pelosi is consumed with hatred for George W. Bush and Karl Rove. It is a sad thing to watch her go down this road. This is not going to end well for her.

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